Thursday, July 30, 2009

When I Look Back Now.....

Why did you have to go then..??/
when I am here,
when you promised you wont ever leave me
When the feeling still burn inside me, the same way
the day when you came sauntering into my life.

I can still feel, the way you made me feel
The way you always had a way to make me smile
The way you looked at me, and made my heart go racing
The warmth of your smile, the content of your embrace

I can still feel your breath on my forehead
I can still listen to the gentle racing of your heart in my ear
I still have the feel of your touch on my lips
The belief that you are always going to be there

I loved it, when you looked into my eyes
The sparkle in your eyes, that told shouted out your love
Your silent ways of showing love....

....And then.. You were gone....

I can still feel the heart ache, to see you go
To leave me back here clawing on thin air
trying hard to grasp hold of your memories with me
The memories we had together.

- Nidhi Sharma (Me)

Friday, April 3, 2009

"Wishing For 'Love'...!!"

I wish, I still had you
Had you, In my arms
In my arms, and never let you go
Let you go, to come back
To come back, and make my life worthwhile
Make my life worthwhile, and live my dreams
Live my dreams, and make my belief stronger in "Love"
In "Love" I am, wish you were "too"

- Nidhi Sharma (Me)