Thursday, September 11, 2008

"Fallen Angel": A Disgrace..!

I need my will (Life) I need it now

I wish to seek I wish to explore

They say I am a rebel I call them vicious.

Call me a fallen Angel, Banish me then

Set me free to seek that Love.

Exiled from my First Estate

I’d rather fall, than be away from thee.

When I’d been granted free will oh Thy Lord!

I ask you, Why Love for me is a sin?

Your son taught Love to your children of clay;

Why not we, the children of flame follow suit?

Enslave me then, if you find me sinful

Beneath the Darkness, to the Judgment Day!

And, when the Eternity comes

I will be there to question your might – to be granted Love.

To be united to Thee, would be my salvation

And if, entwined our fates may not be

Our death would set us free.

- By Nidhi Sharma (Me)

Well.. Friends this is my first attempt at poetry after six years, and I am quite apprehensive about the reviews.

Background: Was just chatting with a friend and instantly an idea was born, it all started with this image, I changed my Display pic to this of a sad fairy or as he said Fallen Angel.